Opening my Inspire me Korea subscription box

2:13 AM

Me opening the Inspire me korea subscription box

The concept of subscription boxes has had my attention ever since I first heard of their existence. It wasn’t that long ago, and I never actually subscribed to any before. I guess none had ever stood out to me in particular, at least not enough for me to get my wallet out.

Last month, at last, I came across INSPIRE ME KOREA’s website and was smitten. When you’re studying a language you’re bound to grow interested in its origin country’s culture, history, and overall affairs. INSPIRE ME KOREA’s box promised to send me a little bit of South Korea in the mail, and I was eager to receive it!

The shipping dilemma 

Although the shipping expenses (those little big annoying devils) almost had me changing my mind, I went ahead and got the box anyway. I bought it, cancelled it because I thought my poor broke ass couldn’t afford it. In the end, I decided to get it again. Then, I waited for February.

Curiously, when I first cancelled my purchase, they asked me the reason why I was cancelling, so I wrote a little message being honest about how handling the shipping costs was a little to much for me. And, recently, I got an e-mail from them saying the shipping costs have been lowered! About 4£ for me!

Holding my Inspire me Kore subscription box when it arrived
Have you ever been so happy to get mail that you cuddle it? 

When I got it I was immediately excited. A box full of surprises! That’s the best part about subscription boxes to me - opening them and finding out what’s inside, item by item.

The box itself is super cute. I like the “Thank You” heart sticker especially. It’s a humble and sweet message to us, subscribers (plus, I do like hearts, and pink, and pink hearts).

Okay, let’s get on with it to the good stuff.


‘What’s in the box??’ you ask. Well, in case you have not yet seen my video where I show and try the box’s contents (in that case, you really should), the box comes with 6 items, excluding the magazine, which comes with every box, every month. Half of these items are snacks, and we all know those are the ones we truly care about (don’t lie to yourself).

All 7 items that come inside the Inspire me Korea subscription box

My Favorites

Kancho Love Biscuits: these are just too goddamn delicious. I ate them all in one sitting, so fast that it feels like a dream -- okay, tone it down, Maia…

But, in all seriousness, I’m going to have withdrawals from these. I hope I get to buy some more in the near future.

Heart Blackboard: I know I introduced this is my video with something along the lines of ‘this isn’t that useful’ but I admit I was mistaken. As I write this, it’s staring at me, looking all cute on my desk. On it I’ve written a new Korean word I learned today (체육관 a.k.a gym, in case you’re curious). I’ve decided to write a new new Korean word on it every day, and have it staring back at me all day.

Honestly, the schemes I come up with to learn new stuff without actually having to cram with my books…

Sadly, my handwriting with chalk sucks really bad, as you can see. But I’m willing to bet one day it won’t make my eyes hurt anymore.

Inspire me Korea Magazine: As I’ve said before, every box, every month, comes with a different issue of this magazine, from what I’ve gathered. This month it’s themed after Valentine’s Day, like the entire box itself. I liked it because it was a light, easy to read little magazine, with some information on nice places to places to visit in Seoul, recipes (that I would like to try one day) and some love-themed sentences in korean for all of us who are learning the language. Here are two sentences that I particularly enjoyed learning:

내가 어디가는 나는 너만 생각해
Wherever I go, I’m always thinking of you

너는 내 심장을 멈추 게해
You make my heart skip a beat

My not-so-favorites

Cuttlefish Snack my least favorite item inside the Inspire me Korea subscription box
Why does a cute package smell so bad?
Cuttlefish Snack: This one definitely takes the cake. Oh boy, that smell when you open the bag… I will never forget it. But it’s still fun, because I can now enjoy going around and dare my friends to try these squid flavored snacks.

An item that will tell apart the weak from the strong.


If you’d like to get your own INSPIRE ME KOREA box, head on over to their website and place your order!

Perhaps you’d be interested in seeing me open the box and exploring what’s inside for the first time? Let me tell you beforehand, the best part is when I decide to open the Cuttlefish Snack bag.

Have you ever bought a subscription box before? Did you know about Inspire Me Korea already? Let me know in the comments!

(I know it was yesterday, but it still counts in my heart)

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  1. Hahaha the squid crackers! I know I for one, would LOVE IT A LOT. I love seafood related snacks (though we all know they're fake flavouring) and whenever I have any, my boyfriend stays away from me. It's hilarious. It's such a cute package, and love the snacks! Kancho is definitely a top favourite of mine too ^_^

    You're gonna have so much fun when you visit!

    ps i just read your 'why i never gave up learning korean' post and ahem can I just say - YES TO DEAN + WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY... so much love for both. Also do you use any books for learning?! It took me YEARS to finally start learning as well even though I had liked it for ages and ages, and it's so rewarding!

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

    1. The packages are always so cute, I want to buy everything ;;

      I don't use books as much as probably everyone else. However I found a pdf of a book online and I've been using it for a while, because it has exercises and I really was missing doing exercises after I listened to lessons on TTMIK. It's called 'Intermediate Korean A Grammar and Workbook' from Andrew Sangpil Byeon. There's a Basic Korean version as well. If you look it up on google you'll find it!

      And yes, it's super rewarding, and fun. Korean is a wonderful language!

      - Maia ❤